Graduate Student Forms

Psychology Departmental Forms

These forms are departmental forms only. Once they are signed, please return them to the Graduate Coordinator in the main psychology office, room 334. These forms do NOT go to the Graduate College.

  • Form 1 - Master's Thesis/Project Proposal (pdf)

  • Form 2 - Master's Thesis/Project Acceptance (pdf)

  • Form 3 - Written Comprehensives Proposal (pdf)

  • Form 4 - Written Comprehensives Requirement (pdf)

  • Form 5 - Dissertation Proposal (pdf)

  • Approval to Transfer a Master's Thesis Form (pdf)

 Psychology Department TA Evaluation Forms

•  Form 1 – “Guidelines for TA's and Instructors” - Instructions (pdf)  Best Practices and Recommendations for online Instructors (pdf)

•  Form 2 – “Guidelines for TA Responsibilities” - MANDATORY - Filled out at the beginning of the semester by the TA & instructor. (pdf)
•  Form 3 – “TA Mid-semester Evaluation” - Filled out by TA and instructor in the middle part of the semester. (pdf)
•  Form 4 – “Psychology TA Semester Evaluation” – MANDATORY - Must be completed and signed at the end of each semester by the Instructor and TA. (pdf)

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